In partnership with: Pinsent Masons

Alan Aisbett, partner at law firm Pinsent Masons, explores a range of finance vehicles which could help boost infrastructure development.

Context - attracting institutional investment in infrastructure

The government is backing a new initiative aimed at providing pension fund investment in infrastructure. What are the chances of success for the Pensions Infrastructure Platform?

Institutional Lease Model

It might be the most familiar model, but it does come with disadvantages.

Availability and Performance Model

Can the PFI model be reshaped to make it attractive to pension funds and institutional investors?

Aggregator finance vehicle with public sector provision

Could local authorities achieve economies of scale by borrowing through a special purpose finance vehicle?

Regional Infrastructure Company

Could new bodies take the strain of local infrastructure provision?

Infrastructure funded through increase in taxes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tax increment finance model?


Under what circumstances is it suitable for the public sector to grant a company rights to exploit revenues of an infrastructure asset?

Regulatory asset base model

What lessons can infrastructure providers learn from the privatised utilities?

Investment Funds

A powerful rolling investment fund could be created using a cocktail of funding streams.

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