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Cities team up to demand greater spending freedoms

London has joined up with the rest of England’s largest cities to demand devolution of a number of taxes from central government in order to spark growth.

CBI endorses use of asset backed vehicles

The benefits of creating local asset backed vehicles are still strong, despite the failure of some early versions of the model, according to a new report produced on behalf of the Confederation of British Industry.

Labour unveils commission to investigate housing

Ed Miliband has established a commission to examine how to speed up compulsory purchase procedures and identify sites for new towns.

Plans to cream-off housing bonus cash criticised

Regeneration organisations have criticised government plans to use £400 million of New Homes Bonus receipts to fund single spending pots overseen by LEPs.

Land value tax "could boost regeneration"

The Liberal Democrats will examine details of how to introduce a land value tax, after its conference voted in favour of the measure.

Analysis: A recipe for recovery and growth?

Alan Aisbett from law firm Pinsent Masons delves into the implications of the comprehensive spending review for regeneration and growth funding.

Councils to be given financial incentives to sell land

The government has indicated it is willing to grant councils greater spending freedoms if they sell off land assets.

New Homes Bonus cash creamed off for LEP fund

Councils will be expected to contribute £400 million from New Homes Bonus receipts towards a new £15 billion growth fund run by local enterprise partnerships, chancellor George Osborne has announced.

Government to extend infrastructure underwriting scheme

The UK Guarantees scheme, which underwrites infrastructure projects, is to be expanded.

Rules review announced to discourage demolition

The government is planning to tweak regeneration funding to reduce the financial incentives to demolish housing.

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Regeneration Policy Intelligence

Borrowing and investment live table 2011 to 2012

The borrowing and investment live tables provide the latest data available on local authorities’ outstanding borrowing and investments for the UK.

The information in this table is derived from the monthly and quarterly borrowing forms submitted to the Department for Communities and Local Government by all local authorities.

Scottish Town Centres

A report which includes a look at the most favoured funding methods for town centre regeneration schemes in Scotland.

No Stone Left Unturned in Pursuit of Growth

Former deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine's report recommends a raft of actions to boost growth in England.

Unlocking Growth Report

The report calls for the removal of a series of blockages prohibiting councils and the private sector from "investing in the development which would speed up economic recovery."

Investment Funds

A powerful rolling investment fund could be created using a cocktail of funding streams.


Under what circumstances is it suitable for the public sector to grant a company rights to exploit revenues of an infrastructure asset?

Regional Infrastructure Company

Could new bodies take the strain of local infrastructure provision?

Aggregator finance vehicle with public sector provision

Could local authorities achieve economies of scale by borrowing through a special purpose finance vehicle?

Availability and Performance Model

Can the PFI model be reshaped to make it attractive to pension funds and institutional investors?

Institutional Lease Model

It might be the most familiar model, but it does come with disadvantages.

Context - attracting institutional investment in infrastructure

The government is backing a new initiative aimed at providing pension fund investment in infrastructure. What are the chances of success for the Pensions Infrastructure Platform?

Review of the barriers to institutional investment in private rented homes

This report summarises the results of Sir Adrian Montague's review of the barriers to institutional investment in private rented homes, which examined how best to encourage greater investment in rental properties and sought to explore the factors that might encourage institutions to invest in new homes for rent.

Banking on Growth: Trends in local government funding and finance

The report argues that the localisation of funding must be part of the government's localism agenda.

Financing for Growth: A new model to unlock infrastructure investment

A report suggesting the introduction of a new "community infrastructure bond" to fund development.

Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan

The Welsh Government has published the Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan for Growth and Jobs to ensure that its future capital investment is used to deliver the maximum benefits to Wales.

Grow Your Own Way - Taking a localist approach to regeneration

Using a number of case studies, the report draws out critical success factors as well as examining a number of interdependencies inherent in regeneration programmes, before proposing tools and some recommendations for central government that Localis believes could help improve future regeneration efforts.

Accelerating the release of public sector land for development: Main Findings from the 2012 data collection from NHS trusts

Updated list of surplus sites within the NHS in England.

Mayoral Manoeuvres: How big is the job facing elected city mayors?

This brief note looks at the size and the nature of the job that council leaders do now, and that new mayors will take on, as well as reviewing the resources at their disposal. It then considers what powers mayors may need to deliver on a key aspect of their brief: supporting the growth of the local economy.

Localism in London - The implications for planning and regeneration in the capital

A survey of London councils which reveals how many are considering innovative funding solutions to aid regeneration

Post Budget Briefing 2012

Implications for local financing mechanisms following the 2012 Budget

A Taxing Journey: Progress and challenges on implementing Tax Increment Financing

Recommendations on the implementation of tax increment financing in England.

Cause célèbre or cause for concern? Local enterprise partnerships one year on

An assessment of the first year of local enterprise partnerships.

The Devil in the Detail: Designing the right incentives for local economic growth

The report strongly recommends ensuring the reform of business rates is geared towards a pure focus on business growth, avoiding recreating the complexities of the current grant settlement process.

Resuscitating Urban Regeneration: Surgery or supplements?

What tools are available to local authorities to sustain regeneration in an age of austerity?

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